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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where isAudex®, Inc. located, and when was the company founded?

A. Located in Longview, Texas,Audex®, Inc. is a privately held company that has been in business for over sixty-five years.

Q. What doesAudex®, Inc. offer as a company?

A.Audex®, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence as a leading product innovator in the assistive listening and communication devices industry for people with hearing loss. 

Q. What areAudex®, Inc.’s key products?

A.Audex®’s existing products include the following:
  • Wide-Area Infrared Public Communication Systems.Audex®is a vendor of choice for assistive listening systems at Disney World, and the exclusive provider of infrared assistive listening devices for Universal Studios Orlando. The Thomas & Mack Arena at UNLV Las Vegas utilizes the largest infrared assistive listening system in the United States, designed, manufactured, and installed byAudex®.
  • Wireless Home Infrared Television Listening Systems. 
  • Person-to-Person Communication Devices (SounDirector).


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