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Corporate Overview

, Inc., formerly known as Audiometrics, Inc., is a progressive and innovative assistive listening device manufacturer with headquarters in Longview, Texas. Founded in 1974, theAudex®, Inc. family of companies has been responsible for numerous innovations helping make life easier for hearing impaired people. These products offer ease of use, effectiveness, and features not normally found in an industry that has historically modified products for unrelated applications to satisfy the needs of this challenged group.Audex® has shown itself to be closely attuned to the practical needs of hearing impaired people. Its goal has always been to keep the company's focus on features and support that insures ADA compliance, while keeping the products applicable to the practical application of the technology.

Audex®’s approach also includes a strong effort to support and personally become involved with the groups advocating equal access for hearing impaired people. A tremendous amount of effort has been dedicated to the Self Help For Hard Of Hearing People (SHHH) group, which is the largest and most aggressive national advocacy organization for this population. By donating equipment and speaking at meetings,Audex® has earned the recognition and respect of both the purchasers and users of its equipment. This has been instrumental in its success. 

Audex® Products

At present,Audex® manufactures infrared and  assistive listening devices for hearing impaired people. The Americans With Disabilities Act, as well as other federal and state laws, mandate the use of these types of products. In addition,Audex® manufactures the SounDirector™, a hardwired assistive listening device that is popular with speech and hearing clinics, courts, schools, and speech pathologists.

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