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  ID Reward Card Program  

ID Reward Card Program - Reward CardContinuing its history of unique innovations for hearing impaired people, Audex® is proud to introduce its new I.D. Reward Card Program. This free program can be your ticket to a new world of benefits associated with purchasing and using products that help you communicate in today's busy world! As a leader in products and programs for hearing impaired people, Audex® and it's participating associates would like to invite you to join in this new and exciting program. It's easy, quick, and beneficial, and you can join here right now. Just fill out the questionnaire and submit it to Audex®. In a few short days you will receive your I.D. Reward Card and Loyalty I.D. Card in the mail and can begin enjoying the unique benefits they offer.

So why are you waiting? Fill out the questionnaire now!

Participating locations will offer you discounts and/or free long distance time in return for patronizing their businesses and facilities. Filling out this application can be your ticket to a host of benefits:

  • Use your Loyalty I.D. Card instead of your driver's license or credit card as security for Audex® infrared receivers you borrow at participating facilities.

  • Present your I.D. Reward Card to participating hearing aid dispensers, audiologists, and clinics when you purchase products or services to receive a variety of benefits ranging from discounts to free long distance time. 

  • Refer hearing impaired friends and family and tell us about the facilities or businesses that need help offering hearing aids and earn free long distance from Audex®. (Some restrictions apply. See details in I.D. Card Handbook)

  • Each quarter you will receive the "Audex® I.D. Reward Card Update", a newsletter designed to keep you informed about where your cards can be used and what is happening with accessibility across the country.

Once your application has been processed you will receive your own personal I.D. Reward Card, Loyalty I.D. Card, and Membership Kit, and will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of a new kind of Assistive Listening Device experience, compliments of Audex® and its many participating sponsors, dealers, and facilities.

As time goes on, we plan to make your I.D. cards more beneficial as we enlist other business and facilities as participating partners.

Click Here to Apply Now!

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