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Nov 20, 2005

AUDEX: An Excellent Choice when Shopping for Hearing Impaired Products
One of the hardest things to find when searching the web for hearing impaired products is a company who you know or at least you feel has your best hearing interest in mind. I have visited their Longview, Texas facility and was impressed with the passion in which they support the hearing impaired community and hearing loss organizations.
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May 30, 2002
Communicating with clarity

Pop culture is going through an interesting change. Strict division lines seem to be blurring. Take for instance the country music industry. There is an obvious struggle between purists and those that desire a broader appeal (think LeAnn, Shania, Faith). What about the consumer market? Are there goods initially intended for one community that end up being offered to the general buying public? In this article, we will examine the challenges faced by Audex®, Inc.
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April 8, 2002
A Market Matures. Staff Reports 
The market for personal digital assistants - handheld or pocket- size devices known as PDAs - is maturing, according to a new report from the research firm Gartner Dataquest. But new devices, a new Palm operating system, and increased computing power could boost the fortunes of the sector by making PDAs more competitive with laptop computers.
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