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The CHAAMP is the answer.
 The CHAAMP Audex Cellular Program for People With Hearing Loss

The CHAAMP The Audex® Cellular Program is an entirely new concept in accessible cellular service for people with hearing loss. It is not just a cellular product, nor is it just cellular service, but an all-inclusive program providing a total solution for people with hearing loss. Using a quality Nokia® cell phone enhanced with an integrated CHAAMP™ module, designed and built specifically to provide amplification and hearing aid/cochlear compatibility, and activated on the nationwide TracFone cellular system, this program is customized to provide features and benefits specifically for people with hearing loss. Not available through retail cellular outlets, the Audex® Cellular Program, provides a unique product designed, sold, and managed by hearing healthcare professionals specifically for people with hearing loss.

Now Audex® offers two simple ways to own the CHAAMP™ Cellular System:

   1. Purchase a Traditional System and have it activated at Verizon, Alltel, or             US Cellular  

   2. Purchase an Audex Automated System Featuring Special TracFone Service             and Deal Exclusively with Audex:  
      * No activation fee;
      * No Contract to sign - cancel and reactivate without penalty;
      * Excellent signal quality and coverage throughout the US;
      * Free VoiceMail, Call Waiting, & Caller ID included;
      * No Long Distance charges from your home area to anywhere in the United States                (Unused minutes roll over from month-to-month)
      * Economical rate plans starting at just $10/month - No hidden fees;
      * NO SURPRISE BILLS   - if you run out of mnutes, you have the option to buy more,               or wait until the next month's billing - charges never exceed regular monthly               calling plan fee unless you authorize it!

Finally, a reasonable cellular calling plan designed for people with hearing loss with
        Great Features,
                Great Flexibility, &
                        NO SURPRISES!

For more information about the location of a dealer in your area where you can try the CHAAMP™, click on the Dealer Locator button at the top of this page. If you would like more information about this new exciting program, call us at 800-237-0716 or email Paula.  Start enjoying the safety, convenience and ease of use the Audex Cellular Program can provide! 

Features and BenefitsThe CHAAMP is the answer.

Audex Calling Plan Features 

No Start-up Activation Fee 
Can save up to $40
No Contract to Sign 
Cancel and restart service at any time without    penalty
VoiceMail/Call Waiting/Caller ID Included 
Other plans often charge extra for these features
No Long Distance Charges 
Call from your home area to anywhere in the 48 contiguous     United States without extra charges.
Payment is Drafted at the Beginning of Each Month 
No checks to mail, no deadlines to remember - no late fees.
    Unused minutes roll over from month-to-month with active service.
No Surprise Bills 
If you run out of minutes, you have the option to buy more, or wait 
    until the next month's billing - charges never exceed your regular 
    monthly calling plan fee unless you authorize it  

CHAAMP Specs and Features 

30 dB of Amplification with Separate Volume Control 
(1000 times increase in loudness)
Built-in Amplified Magnetic Loop Transmitter
For T-coil compatibility, eliminates cellular noise in the hearing 
    aid. Controlled by a set and forget switch.

Switchable High Pass Filter 
With the touch of a switch, emphasize high frequencies for 
    better understanding in noise. 

Alternating Red/Yellow Flashing Lights Announce Calls 

Convenient Built-in Safety Flashlight 

Amplified External Audio Output Jack 
    Provides sufficient power for headphones, neckloops,
    silhouette inductors, speakers, and is compatible with Cochlear
    Implants and DAI hearing aids. 

External Microphone Input Jack
For hands-free operations and conference calling.
Six-Minute Record/Playback Feature
This solid state recorder provides a total of six minutes of recording
    divided into up to fifteen segments.
Automatic Sleep Mode With Volume Set-Back 
    After 90 seconds of inactivity, the CHAAMP™ "goes  to sleep,"
    saving battery life. When an incoming call is answered or an outgoing
    call is made, the CHAAMP™  automatically "awakens" at mid-

Snap-On Design 
    The module attaches between the phone body and the battery, making
     it unnecessary to remove and replace the CHAAMP each time a call
     is recieved or placed.

CHAAMP One Year Limited Warranty 

CHAAMP Traditional or Audex Automated System Price: $ 238.00 MSRP
                                                                                                (One-time hardware cost)

(To purchase either CHAAMP System, click on the Dealer Locator Button at the top of the page, or call Paula at 800-237-0716)

 For "No-Contract" Audex Cellular Service pricing and ordering information, call 800-237-0716, or email    Paula

Click here to View a presentation about the CHAAMP™ module.
   (Requires WinZip to decompress file and  Macromedia Flash plug-
   in to view.)
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