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  Infrared Base Expansion, Model: EX-BEX-6  

Infrared Base Expansion - Front ViewThe EX-BEX-6 Infrared Base Expansion unit is a versatile, efficient and effective companion to the EX-B-3 Base. When additional outputs are required, this expansion provides six more XLR, three conductor outputs offering both signal and power to up to six EX-PS3 or two EX-PS9, or eighteen EX-PS1 repeaters. Each Expansion Output string can provide signal and power or signal only to up to 165 diodes. Each output in use must be powered by a 24 VAC, 50VA, UL/CSA approved wall transformer. 

Rack mountable, the EX-BEX-6 features an F-type input jack to receive the 95KHz carrier from a base or another expansion, and an F-type output jack to send this carrier to the next expansion or EX-B-3 expandable base.

Infrared Base Expansion - Rear ViewCombining EX-B-3 Switchable Bases, and EX-BEX-6 Expansions, any size facility can be service without the need for AC outlets in the auditorium. Large ballrooms requiring multiple emitters that must be switched when the room is divided by air walls, can be effectively and economically service by this combination. With proper planning, the infrared system can be switched as easily as the sound reinforcement system - all in the control room. 

Totally unique in the industry, the EX-BEX-6 combined with the other “EX” series of emitters truly represents “The Ultimate In Infrared Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness.”

Technical Specifications

Physical Features

Weight: 3 lbs.
Dimensions: One standard 19” rack space
Freq. Resp: 100-20KHz
THD: Typically<2% 
Expansion Input (one): F-type receives carrier signal from base or expansion 
Expansion Output (one): F-type sends carrier signal to another base/expansion.
Power Source: 24 VAC 50VA UL/CSA Approved Wall Transformer


Carrier Frequency: 95kHz 
Cables: three-conductor 18ga speaker wire with XLR plugs 
Max Output: Six XLR, three conductor type (Each requires one TA-24PS transformer for power)

Five Year Limited Warranty 


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