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  Microphone Level 165 Diode Infared Emitter/Slave, Model: EX-PS3-C  

Microphone Level 165 Diode Infared Emitter/SlaveThe EX-PS3-C Expandable Infrared Master/Slave Emitter/Transmitter is a member of the popular Audex® family of 95kHz broadband transmitters. Featuring 165, eighty degree high power diodes, this emitter produces a broad, deep pattern well suited to meeting rooms, courtrooms, auditoriums, movie theaters, and other entertainment and public facilities. Mounted at a height of 15’ to 30’, the coverage pattern resembles a top, with an area up to 5,000 square feet. Using the Audex® COC circuit, this unit emits with 92% efficiency, insuring maximum coverage for all applications. The circuit adjusts diode current drive levels due to varying ambient temperatures. This feature, coupled with the overall light producing capabilities allows Audex® to offer the most effective infrared performance. This means multiple areas in a park, auditorium, university, or convention center can use one frequency and therefore one set of receivers carried from venue to venue by the hearing impaired patrons. All of the advantages of 95kHz broadband technology is available with this emitter system for courts, universities, and other government facilities.

Microphone Level 165 Diode Infared Emitter/Slave - Coverage PatternIn addition to its impressive light generating capabilities, the EX-PS3-C offers flexibility not found in other brands of infrared, particularly for use in auditoriums and hotel meeting rooms as a portable system. Inputs directly to the EX-PS3-C, when used in the master (INT) mode, include line level and up to four electret microphone inputs. In a meeting room, when sound system is not available, up to four microphones can be plugged directly into the EX-PS3-C. When the unit is in the slave (EXT) mode, it receives its signal and power, or signal only from the previous emitter (EX-Series) or base unit (EX-B-3). Power can be provided locally by plugging into the Expansion Input power jack. In the master (INT) or slave (EXT) setting the Expansion Output jack allows signal or signal and power to be provided to additional emitters through 18 ga. three conductor cable. The daisy chain can be as long as needed, allowing for coverage of any sized area. In meeting rooms, this one unit can be used without the need for an installed sound reinforcement system.  As a traveling system, there is never any need to carry extra sound equipment to provide audio input to the EX-PS3-C.  In very large rooms, the unit can serve as a master or slave, making this a uniquely versatile design.

Microphone Level 165 Diode Infared Emitter/Slave - Cable RecommendationsPermanent mounting requires only one installer using a special Omni-Mount (RPA-BKT-O) bracket attached to the back or end of the unit by internal, permanently fixed threaded nuts. This bracket allows rotation in two planes, making precise focusing quick and easy. Fifteen red LED’s viewed in louvers on the bottom of the unit, provide easy monitoring of the infrared emitting diodes. Custom Colors are available at a small additional cost.

With its combination of unique features, the EX-PS3-C is a leader in infrared technology for hearing impaired people! 

Technical Specifications


· Dimensions: 6.00” H x 2.00” D x 11.5” W

· Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz

· Frequency Response:100Hz – 20kHz

· THD: Typically< 2%

· Carrier Frequency:Frequency Modulated 95kHz

· Infrared LEDs:165 eighty degree @940 nM

· Infrared LED life: >100,000 hrs

· Auxiliary Input:Unbalanced 0 dBm operational from 200mv to 5V peak-to-peak, RCA jack

· Microphone Inputs: Four 2K Ohm, electret 1/4" mono jacks mixed internally

· Expansion Input:3 pin Female XLR receives carrier frequency and power or just carrier frequency

· Expansion Output:3 pin Male XLR provides carrier frequency and power or just carrier frequency

· Switch: 3p2t rocker false illuminated

· Controls: None

· Power: 24 VAC, 50VA UL/CSA fused wall transformer (not provided)

Accessories (order separate)

TA-24PS-20: 24 VAC, 50VA UL/CSA Wall Transformer

EX-B-3: Base Unit (3 outputs)

EX-Series: Emitter/ Transmitter

RPA-BKT-O: Bracket for Wall Mounting

RPA-TPD: Lightweight Tripod for Portable Use

RPA-BKT: Mounting Bracket for Tripod

IRR-95-C1: Infrared Receiver (replaces REC-T3)

MSRP: $1054.90

Five Year Limited Warranty

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