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May 14, 2002
Introduces The CHAAMP™ at American Academy of Audiology's 2002 Convention & Expo in Philadelphia

Audex®, New Hearing Aid Mobile Phone Accessory Receives Accolades 
from the Hearing Health Care Industry 

Longview, Texas, May 14, 2002 -
Audex®, Inc., a 25-year-old leading manufacturer of telecommunications and assistive listening devices, introduced a new hearing aid mobile phone accessory compatible with many Nokia cell phones at the 14th Annual American Academy of Audiology Convention and Expo that took place April 18-20 in Philadelphia. 

Audex® and Nokia showcased the CHAAMP™ as one of the latest hearing health and technology innovations at the event, which attracted more than 7,000 audiologists, students and hearing health care professionals. Visitors to the joint Audex/Nokia booth were given the opportunity to experience first-hand the benefits of the CHAAMP™

Cy Libby, a licensed hearing aid dispenser for Pennsylvania-based Associated Hearing Centers, Inc., noted after trying the product, "The
CHAAMP™ is a true winner. I was duly impressed with the improved clarity and amplification." 

"As we celebrate National Better Hearing and Speech Month this May, we hope to raise public awareness of the need to improve cellular communication, particularly for hearing impaired persons who are eager to join the millions of other wireless users," said Richard Manley, CEO for

According to a recent article in The Boston Globe, more than 120 million people across the U.S. now carry cell phones, but one group is struggling to join the wireless revolution - the 28 million Americans with hearing impairment. CEO Richard Manley notes that, "Cellular phones by design provide much less volume than desk phones, and their speakers typically create nothing but buzz in hearing aids. We are excited that The
CHAAMP™ will help rectify this cell phone amplification problem, offering improved mobile phone accessibility to hearing impaired individuals, as well as to those in harsh listening environments." 

CHAAMP™ is a snap-on mobile cell phone device that easily attaches to any Nokia 5100, 6100, or 7100 series cell phone. In addition to eliminating the interference that digital cell phones cause in hearing aids, the device is also useful to those in difficult listening environments, such as business travelers, construction workers, and other active users, who require a cell phone with higher speaker and ringer volumes. Additional features of The CHAAMP™ include hearing aid compatibility, background noise suppression, a high-quality speaker for improved sound, a recorder function for on-line recording of calls and playback capability, and an amplified ringer with flashing light indicator for incoming calls.

Audex®, Inc.
For more than 25 years,
Audex®, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of assistive listening and communications devices for hearing impaired people. Based in Longview, Texas, Audex® is a privately held company that has evolved into one of the most innovative providers of infrared and magnetic induction listening devices, and telephones for the hearing impaired population in the United States. Audex®, Inc. has developed products for Disney, American Airlines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. For more information about Audex®, visit

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