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Audex Awards Cylix Communications, LLC Public Relations Contract

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May 14, 2002
, Inc. Awards Cylix Communications, LLC Public Relations Contract

Longview, Texas, April 1, 2002 -
Audex®, Inc, one of the nation's top companies focusing on solutions for hearing-impaired people, today announced that it has selected the high tech public relations firm, Cylix Communications, LLC, as its strategic public relations and marketing communications partner. Cylix will work with Audex® to build awareness of the company as one of the leading telecommunications accessories providers worldwide.

Audex®, Inc. provides specialized products that improve communications for busy people. In addition to products for hearing-impaired people, Audex® creates, produces, and markets telecommunications products for use in noisy environments by those with normal hearing. Audex® developed the most recent product, called The CHAAMP™, in partnership with Nokia. This proprietary snap-on cell phone module works with the world's most popular line of Nokia cell phones, the 5100/6100/7100 series.

Audex®, Inc. selected Cylix Communications, LLC as its agency of record because it needed an experienced marketing communications partner that was already familiar with the telecommunications and technology industries. Cylix is partnering with Audex®, Inc. to offer public relations, branding, investor relations, and marketing counsel. 

"We selected Cylix because of their knowledge of the telecommunications, technology, and hearing-impaired industries. Cylix was our agency of choice because they are well-equipped to help us build awareness as we continue to grow our market share, launch new products, and increase our brand awareness," said Richard Manley, Chief Executive Officer of
Audex®, Inc.

"Cylix is honored to have been chosen to partner with one of the global leaders in the telecommunications market," said Brooke Greenwald, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Cylix Communications, LLC. "There is a distinct need for the products
Audex® offers the marketplace, and we are thrilled to be able to work with them to increase awareness of the wealth of products available to assist all telecommunications users, whether hearing-impaired or not," continued Ms. Greenwald. 

Audex®, Inc.
For more than 25 years,
Audex®, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of assistive listening and communications devices for hearing impaired people. Based in Longview, Texas, Audex® is a privately held company that has evolved into one of the most innovative providers of infrared and magnetic induction listening devices, and telephones for the hearing impaired population in the United States. Audex®, Inc. has developed products for Disney, American Airlines, Carnival Cruise Lines, and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. For more information about Audex®, visit

About Cylix Communications, LLC
Cylix Communications, LLC is a private corporation that provides organizations with strategic marketing, public relations, media relations, and investor relations counsel. Through the wealth of services offered by the professionals at Cylix, we are able to work with organizations in all areas of corporate or public life - from analysis to strategy to development to media relations and beyond. Our national presence enables us to track marketing trends, work with all media outlets, and represent organizations in all of marketing, public education, and public affairs endeavors. For more information about Cylix Communications, please visit our website at

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