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  Infrared Switchable Base, Model: EX-B-3  

Infrared Switchable Base - Rear ViewThe EX-B-3 Infrared Base is a versatile and unique member of the Expandable Family ofAudex® Infrared Emitter Systems. This base driver combines multiple inputs, controlled by a built-in mixer, with three output strings capable of providing both signal and power to repeaters located in the auditorium. This feature eliminates the need for AC power at the repeaters, often saving extensively on installation costs, and making placement of the emitters easier and more efficient. 

With the addition of numerous features, the EX-B-3 continues to be a one-of-a-kind value in the ALD market. Output jacks are all XLR type. Wiring and installation is quicker and easier. The two balanced microphone inputs are also XLR type, and the expansion input and output utilizes F-Connectors. In addition to two mic and one line level inputs, a speaker level input using spring terminals, is available. This makes attachment to an existing sound system quick and easy - just take your pick - line level or speaker level! Gain trimmers used to balance the inputs are located on the front for ease of operation. 

One of the most unique features is the ability to switch the unit from a stand-alone base to an expansion of another base. This feature is useful when the room being served is capable of being divided into two or more sections. By using one base per room division, each segment can be served by an independent base with its own set of emitters and input signal. When the segments are combined into one large room, the bases are switched to the expansion setting and function as slaves of the main base connected to the audio signal for the main room. This arrangement allows the infrared to be switched in the control room as easily as the sound system.

Mounted on the front of the unit is an infrared monitor “eye”, allowing the operator to listen to the program without leaving the control room. During installation, it is possible to adjust the audio signal without having to go into the main auditorium. 

An AGC circuit helps prevent distortion and overdriving due to microphone input levels. This two stage AGC traps very loud sounds, preventing dropouts, while it responds quickly to soft voices. In most cases, once the mixer controls are set, unless an input device is changed, it is not necessary to readjust them 

Coupled with the other members of the
Audex® Family of infrared products, the EX-B-3 offers infrared flexibility and cost effectiveness unequaled in the Assistive Listening Devices Market!

Technical Specifications

Physical Features

Dimensions: 19" rack
Freq. Resp: 100-20KHz 
Diode: 80 degree on front. 
Expansion Input (one): F-type receives carrier signal from base or expansion 
Expansion Output (one): F-type sends carrier signal to another base/expansion.
Power Source: 24VAC, 50VA UL/CSA Approved Wall Transformer
Auxilliary:0 dBm from: 200mV - 5V peak-to-peak 
Microphones (1 or 2)Balanced, XLR type
Speaker Level:Compression Spring type
Adjustability:True differential inputs with individual mixer controls


Carrier Frequency: 95kHz 
Cables: 3-cond., 18ga speaker wire - XLR. 
Max Outputs: 3 XLR, 3-conductor type. (Each req. One TA-24PS.)
95 KHz Switch: Allows unit to function as expansion for another base. 

Five Year Limited Warranty 


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