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Wide Area Accessories

Audex has assembled a group of accessories for its Wide Area Listening Systems that makes them easier to install and maintain for both new installations and retrofitted facilities. Some accessories are used with the
Audex Infrared Wide Area transmitters and emitters. These are designated
with the prefix TA. Others are designed for the remote emitters only and
have the prefix RPA. Still others are accessories for the LightLink Receiver
and are designated with the prefix RSA.

Cost effective, efficient, and reliable - you can depend on Audex products for telecommunications and recreational listening enhancement.

To order Audex accessories contact Paula at 800-237-0716 or

Base/Expansion Rack Mount Kit
Rack mount kit for EX-B3 and EX-BEX-6 base units. Includes: 2 rack mount ears and 4 screws.
Model: TA-RMNT4                                  $22.50 MSRP


Audex Infrared Base/Expansion Power Supply
24 Volt, 50 VA Power Supply with 6' cord. Use with Base or Expansion Units unless longer cable is needed. (UL and CSA approved)
Model: TA-24PS-6                                 $33.50 MSRP

Audex Infrared Remote Emitter Power Supply
24 Volt, 50 VA Power Supply with 20' cord. Use with Remote Emitters unless a 6' cable is adequate. (UL and CSA approved)
Model: TA-24PS-6                                 $38.50 MSRP


Voice Quality Directional Lapel/Podium Microphone
Voice Quality Microphone with 20' cord and 1/4" mono plug. Comes with lapel clip and windscreen. May also be used with optional table stand.
Model: TA-MIC2                                    $129.00 MSRP

Microphone Table Stand
Portable Microphone Table Stand for TA-MIC2
Model: TA-MTS-2                                   $18.00 MSRP


Microphone Lapel Clip
Replacement Lapel Microphone Clip for TA-MIC2
Model: TA-MCLP-2                                  $10.20 MSRP

Microphone Windscreen
Replacement Microphone Windscreen for TA-MIC2
Model: TA-MIC2-W                                 $6.00 MSRP


Audio Input Cable
RCA to RCA Audio input cable for Base and remote emitters. Available in 3', 6', and 20' lengths.
Model: TA-IC-3                                       $10.50 MSRP
Model: TA-IC-6                                       $14.50 MSRP
Model: TA-IC-20                                     $24.00 MSRP

Base to Expansion F-Connector 
F-Connector cable for Base-to-Expansion connection. Available in screw-on (TA-IC-FS) and push-on (TA-IC-FP) styles.
Model: TA-FS; TA-FP                                $10.50 MSRP


Omni-directional Electret Mini-Mic
Electret Omni-Directional Mini-Mic Mounted in a 1/4" mono plug with windscreen. Ideal for use with the Audex PS1-U2 Classroom Emitter.
Model: PSA-MIC2                                     $35.00 MSRP

PSA-MIC2 Replacement Windscreen 
Replacement Microphone Windscreen for PSA-MIC2
Model: TA-PSA-W                                     $6.00 MSRP


Portable Infrared System Carrying Case
Portable , locking infrared system carrying case large enough for one emitter, tripod, brackets, cables, and up to four receivers.
Model: CS-XLT48                                     $155.00 MSRP

LightLink Infrared Wide Area Receiver 
Infrared receiver available in 95kHz or 455 kHz frequencies. The number of additional receivers is unlimited as long as each has an unobstructed view of the front of the auditorium.
Model: REC-T3WA                                    $125.00 MSRP


Audex Lightweight Headphones
Replacement headphones for the Audex LightLink Infrared Receiver. These headphones provide clear, understandable speach signals without distortion at high volume levels. The RSA-HP18 offers an 18" cord suitable for the Infrared Receiver worn lavalier style. The plug is gold plated to reduce oxidation and improve the connection.
Model: RSA-HP18                                     $19.25 MSRP

Audex Headphone Replacement Cushions 
Replacement foam cushions for Audex headphones. Black only.
Model: RSA-HPC2                             Call for Bulk Pricing


Emitter Tripod
Lightweight emitter tripod. Extends to 8'. Requires RPA-TBK bracket for attachment of emitter.
Model: RPA-TPD                                       $125.00 MSRP

Tripod Emitter Bracket 
Emitter bracket designed to attach an Audex emitter to the RPA-TPD tripod.
Model: RPA-BKT                                       $12.00 MSRP


Omni Mount Emitter Wall Bracket 
Emitter bracket designed to attach an Audex emitter to a wall or ceiling. Ball and socket design allows easy positioning on wall or ceiling.
Model: RPA-BKT-O                                    $35.00 MSRP

Emitter Connecting Wire 
Shielded PVC Repeater Wire - 3 conductor, 18 Ga, PVC jacketed.
Model: RPA-WIRE-S                                  $.66/ft. MSRP


Pre-built Repeater Cables 
Shielded PVC Repeater Cables. XLR to XLR available in lengths of 50', 100', and 150'.
Model: RPA-CBL-S-50                               $60.00 MSRP
Model: RPA-WIRE-S-100                           $108.00 MSRP
Model: RPA-WIRE-S-150                           $150.00 MSRP

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